Statement from Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre on Small Business Week

October 18, 2023

Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following statement on Small Business Week: 

“Every day, in corner shops, boutiques and grocery stores across the country, Canadians witness the greatness of Canada’s small businesses. From the mom-and-pop shop down the street to the start-ups beginning their journey, these incredible enterprises sustain their communities with the goods and services they need and create powerful paycheques for millions of Canadians. 

“This is the remarkable legacy of small business owners—the extraordinary Canadians who carry our country on their shoulders. Their entrepreneurial stories deserve to be celebrated. Unfortunately, after eight years of Justin Trudeau, hard work no longer pays like it used to.  

“Today, business owners are being punished one tax increase at a time. Local shops are forced to lay off their workers just to stay afloat while rent continues to increase. Beloved restaurants are closing their doors because the cost of food has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau continues to kick business owners while they’re down with his punishing taxes on gas, heating, and groceries that he is planning to quadruple. 

“This was never part of the deal.  

“This Small Business Week, Conservatives renew their promise to get the government off the backs of entrepreneurs. We will remove the gatekeepers, axe Trudeau’s carbon tax and let Canadians bring home more powerful paycheques. We will restore the promise that has inspired generations of Canadians to contribute their talents and abilities to drive Canada forward by bringing home a country that works for the people who do the work.   “Let’s bring it home. Happy Small Business Week!”