Why did Justin Trudeau leave his teaching job at West Point Grey Academy?

October 07, 2019

Trudeau’s story has changed at least four times since 2001

After media reports revealed that Justin Trudeau wore blackface during an event at West Point Grey Academy, Canadians have been asking why exactly Justin Trudeau left his teaching job at the school. It’s understandable why people have questions, after all Trudeau’s story has changed four times since 2001.

First, the Ottawa Citizen reported in 2001 that Trudeau would “give up his teaching job at a Vancouver private school next September to give speeches.” Several days later this claim was refuted by Trudeau in a statement issued by lawfirm Heenan Blaikie. The Montreal Gazette reported Trudeau was accepting a teaching job at a public school.

In his 2014 autobiography, Trudeau says he left the school after a dispute with the administration over an article written in the school newspaper. According to Trudeau, he convinced a student to write an article criticizing the fact that the girls at the school were never reprimanded for the way they dress. This article was deemed disrespectful by the school’s administration.

The Vancouver Sun reported in 2015 that the reason Trudeau left the school was “in part over a dispute over dress code and values.”

In a 2019 book by John Ivison, Trudeau’s departure is summed up as “a disagreement over an article written by a student for which Trudeau was responsible”.

On October 4, 2019 Trudeau said he left the school “because [he] was moving on with [his] life”.

That same day, the former headmaster of the school said that Trudeau left the school because he was going to study to be an engineer.

Why did Justin Trudeau leave West Point Grey Academy? What’s the real reason? Why has his story changed so many times, and if the above reports are incorrect, why hasn’t Trudeau corrected the record?

Trudeau will have the opportunity tonight to tell Canadians the truth.