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John Rizzuti

Meet The Candidate

John Rizzuti is a firm believer in leaving things better than you found them. His first-hand experience in moving to Canada, formed his gratitude to the country and its citizens, and shaped his belief in the Canadian Dream. This led him to his incredible work in the service of his community, and to running in the 2015 federal election as the Conservative Candidate for Victoria. 

At five, John’s family immigrated to Canada. He grew up in Revelstoke, B.C. He moved to Victoria in 1968 to begin his studies at the University of Victoria where he earned his Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education. 

It was in Victoria that John met his wife Marilynne, and together raised their family of three. 

A life-long educator, John is distinguished by his ability to connect with people, help others in the community, and get the job done. 

John is no stranger to elected or appointed positions, sitting on education and community boards. His passion for helping people are the hallmarks of his career as a teacher, a Principal and as the Past-President of the BC Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association. 

As a Principal, small business owner and management consultant, John has proven he is a tireless and results-orientated leader. His pursuit of learning and his service to educational stakeholders took him across BC, Canada and into the United States. He was appointed to the board of the Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) and subsequently elected as Vice-President of Western Provinces. 

His interests in Employment Contract Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution lead him to earn a Basic Negotiation certificate from Harvard Law School in 1998 and a Gary Friedman's Fundamentals of Mediation certificate in 1999. John has also received various recognition citations for his work as a speaker, training facilitator and conference planner. 

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