The Victim Cult

Hear author Dr. Mark Milke on his new book, The Victim Cult: How the culture of blame hurts everyone and wrecks civilizations.



Eight years in the making, Mark will talk to us about the motivation for the book, and why he thinks chronic victim thinking is a problem and for more than just the individuals who engage in it.  





Here’s a preview: Mark_Milke_-_The_Victim_Cult.jpg

  • No one disputes that some people are victims—of others, accidents, and life. But we also all know someone who thinks like a victim. 
  • The Victim Cult is about those who play the victim card—multiplied by millions, where entire societies become stuck blaming others. They include over-the-top victim claims on university campuses, (some) First Nations leaders, and Donald Trump’s self-pitying claims and beyond, The Victim Cult examines this culture of victimhood and blame and its effects, but also how to escape it.  
  • Because this victim culture exists in the sorority house and the White House, we might think it can be dismissed with a roll of our eyes. But some victim cults have deeper roots and, if not exposed early, end in tragedy

In this wide-ranging look at why societies fail or succeed, The Victim Cult takes us through fair and fake claims. Beyond true victims, victim cults result from missing the right lessons from history, even worse moral reasoning, and misguided identity politics. The Victim Cult also details the more positive lessons from those who were harmed but yet succeeded: the example of East Asian immigrants who courageously dealt with injustices and trumped prejudice, but also aimed at integration, education, and entrepreneurship, choices that built a better civilization with opportunities for all.

Buy the book: Mark will bring copies of his new book and you will be able to purchase The Victim Cult on February 1st. 

If you cannot make this event, Mark’s book is now available at your local bookstore, Chapters/Indigo, and also at

Please note that this venue is 19+.

February 01, 2020 5:00 PM
Maple Room, Strathcona Hotel
919 Douglas St
Victoria, BC V8W 2C2
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